Compilation of Consumer Taxes

October 19, 2007

Our friends at the Civic Federation have published a memo on Selected Consumer Taxes in the City of Chicago. Showing a total of 29 different taxes, it shows that the sales tax on general merchandise purchases in Chicago is now 9%:

  • 5% State (of which 0.25% is passed on to RTA)
  • 0.75% RTA
  • 1.00% Cook County
  • 2.25% Chicago

In restaurants we pay an additional 1.25%, of which 1% goes to McCormick Place and the remainder to the City.

Something I didn’t know about is that taxi medallions are reportedly taxed $78/month by the City.   Anyone know when this started?  If raised to  something like $350 or $400/month, it wouldn’t affect the earnings of cabbies, except those who own medallions, and might bring in $25 million for the City.


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  1. […] April 5, 2008 The Civic Federation has updated their compilation of Chicago consumer taxes, noted last year.  This includes the additional 1/4% RTA sales tax effective April 1, but not the Cook County sales […]

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