We’ll pay $141,000/job you “create”

January 21, 2008

Or, to look at it differently, we’ll give you $353,000 per acre of land you use.  That’s what the City of Chicago is giving ” ML Realty Partners LLC” to build a “distribution center” at 401 N. Cicero.  Now, all I know about this is what I read in the papers, but according to the Jan 20 Tribune article, $10.6 million in TIF money is going to “create” 75 jobs on 30 acres.  This site is practically adjacent to the Green Line Cicero station.  Why did nobody want to develop it before? (My guess is that it’s because the landowner was holding out for TIF money.)  And how can we justify less than 3 jobs/acre on a transit-served site?  This sort of thing might be suitable for Will County, not the west side of Chicago.  Is there nothing more productive that can be done with this land?



  1. We MUST STOP Mayor R.M.D. from creating any more TIF Districts,(156 so far), and rewarding his friends, cronies, and ALL landowners, both on premises, and absentee, from fully profiting at the expense of citizens and their neighborhoods,to the tune of at least 500 Million Dollars!!! Especially the VERY poor, VERY bad off ones, and light HUGE, GIGANTIC, bon-fires under both the poor neighborhood residents AND their alder-people, the so-called adult men and women who are supposed to represent them in a local entity called a city council!!! I Am Always Your Friend-In-Peace.

  2. […] by taxpayer on June 8, 2008 Back in January I noted a proposal to spend $141,000 of our tax (TIF) money per job “created,” to subsidize […]

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