The Secret Life of Real Estate

February 1, 2009

It’s a new book by Phil Anderson of Economic Indicator Services.  Some may remember Phil from his talk at the 2006 CGO conference, and earlier from his 2001 Mastering Wealth course at HGS/Chicago.  (We offered a money-back guarantee, which no attendees claimed, so it seems the course was quite satisfactory.)  The book unfortunately doesn’t seem to be available yet in the US, tho it can be ordered from the UK.

Phil is one of several Georgists who predicted the current economic meltdown. Anyone who’s taken courses at any Henry George School will be familiar with the general patterns. but Phil has studied them in detail and applied them specifically to financial forecasting.  He has devised helpful descriptive models, a real estate clock(pdf) and an investment clock.

In the ’90s, Phil produced some studies relating to land value tax in Australia (where they call it “site value rating”), including one showing that land value tax seems to lead to increased manufacturing activity, and another reporting that, when popular vote is taken, in the overwhelming majority of cases land value tax is preferred by the electorate.


One comment

  1. WOW, I’m going to hang that clock on my wall, this way I’ll be ready for the next one! : ))

    I’d be so happy to pay for only one tax… It’d make things a lot easier, more transparent and… apparently more productive.

    I just entered your blog and I’ll sure spend a lot more time here!

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