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The Parasite Protection Act

February 11, 2009

That’s one of the names Josh Vincent suggests for New Mexico’s SB333, which would reduce real estate taxes on vacant land and make up the shortfall by raising taxes on homeowners and everyone else who actually owns (or rents) land with a structure on it. I imagine some land speculators find themselves in financial difficulty, but they still have enough to influence a few legislators, and I guess this is intended to bail them out. Perhaps they just want to get legally what owners of Cook County vacant land get in practice.

Maybe I don’t know how to search, but I can’t find anything about this bill anywhere on the Internet.

I guess we could name it the “Housing Prevention Act.”


Henry George pops up in all sorts of contexts…

November 9, 2008

Here’s a proposal to fund education in “developing” countries using the increased land value which results as the general level of education improves.  Nothing wrong with that, but why limit it to countries where governments are likely to be dishonest and the quality of assessment may be poor?  Why isn’t it equally applicable in, well, Canada, where these people seem to be, or Chicago, or anywhere else where funds for education are needed?